Correcting Lyrics

The song editor has a lyrics area showing the full songtext. Line breaks directly correspond to page breaks.

Icon:   Page break

Words are separated by spaces; in a few cases the dot (•) is used to indicate a non-breakable space. The common minus (–) symbol separates syllables. If your songtext actually includes a minus, you can insert it with the shorter hyphen (-) symbol.

Editing the lyrics does not affect the actual notes. You can modify the text, the line breaks, and the number of syllables. Syllables can be rolled to shift them along the notes.

  • Insert/Remove a minus (–) to separate/join adjacent syllables. The remaining syllables are rolled right/left.
  • Roll syllables left/right to shift the remaining sylables. Hyphens (-) or empty syllables (~) are inserted as needed.

Icons:  Roll left, Roll right


Lyrics are spellchecked. Mistakes are underlined red and can be replaced with suggested corrections from the spellchecker’s world list; the number of syllables is preserved.


Notes can be marked golden, rap, or freestyle. Their style is shown in the lyrics area and in the note sheet.

  • Golden (G)
  • Golden Rap (Shift+G)
  • Rap (Shift+F)
  • Freestyle (F)

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