Please download and install the corresponding platform-specific Yass package.

After starting the Yass application, you will have to specify the physical location of your karaoke songs, covers, and playlists.

To set the song folder:

  • Choose a quick setting (see below)
  • To choose the folder manually click “Browse” songs

Example paths for user “Saruta” and Ultrastar Deluxe:

C:\Program Files\Ultrastar Deluxe\Songs

/Users/Saruta/Library/Application Support/UltraStarDeluxe/Resources

Linux Ubuntu

The song library will then scan these folders (and subfolders) for karaoke data and cache them to speed up subsequent program start-ups. Cashes must be refreshed manually to synchronize to external changes.

Quick Settings

Yass searches for Ultrastar installation folders and adds them to the Quick Settings (if available). If the Quick Settings field is empty, enter the folder manually.

To set the Quick Settings folder manually:

  • Define it in the preferences -> library setup
  • To add the path directly in the dialog click “New”
  • To remove items from the dropdown menu press Delete

Example: If your Ultrastar installation is located at U:\Karaoke\Ultrastar, press “New” and navigate to that path. The path is added permanently to the search path preferences. If you unmount drive U: and connect to it later, it will be found automatically.

User Settings

Yass preferences, cache files, cover thumbnails, and songlists are stored in a “.yass” folder in your home directory (Java system property “user.home”). You can remove that folder to reset all customizations and clear all cached data.

Example .yass location for user “Saruta”:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Saruta\.yass
Windows Vista: C:\Users\Saruta\.yass
Mac OSX: /Users/Saruta/.yass
Linux Ubuntu: /home/Saruta/.yass


Yass requires Java 1.7 or later. The Windows-specific Yass package will automatically check and download the Java runtime environment. Non-windows users will have to install Java manually.

Your songs should follow these requirements:

  • Karaoke data in Ultrastar format
  • Audio in MP3 format (CBR, 128-192kbit, 44.1khz, joint stereo)
  • Video in MPG or AVI (DivX or XVid)

Karaoke data can be encoded in ANSI or UTF-8; however note that currently only Ultrastar (not Deluxe, see tools) can read UTF-8.

Yass 0.9 and older versions require Java 1.5 and Omnividea Fobs (Ffmpeg OBjectS) JMF bindings for video rendering. Platform-specific libraries are bundled with the Yass download package.

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