Players and Tools

Yass works well with the karaoke game Ultrastar and its offsprings Ultrastar Deluxe and Ultrastar Deluxe World Party. Ultrastar-specific information can be found here:

Vocaluxe is an independent but compatible open source project. It offers 6-player and webcam support, duels, duets, medleys, and user-side extensions.

Performous (formerly known as UltraStar Next Generation) supports the Ultrastar format, too. Primary platform is Linux; with sophisticated Fourier analysis it can detect multiple simultaneous tones.


The free audio editor Audacity allows you to re-encode problematic audio files to MP3 format (CBR, 128-192kbit, 44.1khz, joint stereo). All you have to do is to install the LAME MP3 encoder plugin and adjust the MP3 bitrate (128-192 kbps) in the Audacity preferences, under MP3 export settings.

If you need further control over specific LAME options, for example to disable the bit reservoir (-nores), you can use the RazorLame frontend.

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