Instead of the standard mouse + keyboard interaction you can also use the following interfaces.

Numeric Keyboard

You can finetune the notes step-by-step using the the numeric keypad.

  • 2/4/6/8 duplicate the cursor keys
  • 1/3 position the note
  • 7/9 stretch the note
  • -/+ set the pitch
  • 0 initializes the note: positions it adjacent to the previous note and sets its length to 1
  • Digit key “,” initializes the next note.
  • h/j scroll the note sheet (thereby entering multi-page view)
  • k zooms back to single-page view

Playback is triggered automatically to rehear the edits. You can remap keys in the preferences.

Contour Shuttle Pro

The Yass installation folder contains a settings file for the Contour Shuttle Pro interface, a programmable, ergonomic controller with jog knob, shuttle wheel, and a bunch of buttons.

  • Jog knob selects notes.
  • Shuttle wheel scrolls the note sheet.
  • The 15 buttons emulate the numeric keyboard (see above)

Just open the shuttle’s control panel and import the settings file. The shuttle will detect when Yass is active and activate its settings (it checks the process name, therefore use the Windows executable!). You can remap input as needed and simulate any key stroke or mouse click with modifiers, or even send macros.

Note: This is a nice interface for video editing. It comes preconfigured for many applications. You will need one day to get used to it, but it is worth any cent.

Pen Gestures

Pen-based selections can be speeded up by activating hover selections in the preferences.
A gesture is recognized when you perform horizontal or vertical strokes. Strokes must be short in length (max. 35 pixels) and duration (max. 300ms). The following gestures are available for pen-based notes editing.

  • Single strokes (up/down/left/right) move notes
  • Double strokes modify note length (left-right, right-left) or trigger a split/join (up-down, down-up).
  • Triple strokes toggle page breaks (down-up-down, up-down-up) or roll lyrics (left-right-left, right-left-right).

Gestures, including auto-playback afterwards, can be activated in the preferences.

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