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Yass works well with Ultrastar, an open-source karaoke game, and the offspring Ultrastar Deluxe. I have derived several Ultrastar covers from original work published on Flickr (credits are given below) and share them again under Creative Commons – have fun!

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 CC BY-SA 2.0
Derived from original work published on Flickr by pinkponk/517242247 (60s), pinkponk/527364960 (70s), ubookworm/6077900 (80s), nietsdoener/1091201075 (90s), barabeke/800582464 (best buy), thomashawk/235761814 (candy), thomashawk/290555514 (chains), marfis75/2367187392 (dance), hebe/2495547616 (elemental), midnight-digital/2723088587 (excalibur), mar1lyn84/2193899462 (impulse), jekkyl/506013729 (musical), usnationalarchives/3660777646 (on trial), usnationalarchives/3660777810 (on trial 3), sy_parrysh/2423236892 (pain), thomashawk/6526098 (pop 2), stephangeyer/2613850206 (pop 3), schoschie/105472200 (rabatz), safetylast/3023149300 (rainy day), notsogoodphotography/2860523248 (rocks), notsogoodphotography/2926524513 (rocks2), clickykbd/143802466 (soundtrack), raoulcamion/217577664 (surprise), chilledsalad/2139772885 (winter).

Except “on trial 2” derived from original work by Alfred Palmer, “fsac 1a35287” available in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, USA