Creating Songs

For creating your own karaoke songs you need

  • an MP3 audio file
  • the lyrics
  • the melody (if you have, from a midi or kar file)
  • check the copyright

Again, please check your local copyright laws. In some countries it is still a breach of copyright to copy, reproduce or adapt copyright material for personal or private use without permission from the copyright owner. Normally, you are not allowed to copy, distribute, display, or perform copyrighted work or derivative works based upon it.

Icon: New Song

Yass will guide you through the song creation. It involves these steps:

  • Specifying a melody file (optionally, but strongly advised)
  • Choosing the vocals from the melody file
  • Entering the lyrics and defining syllables using a minus “-” hyphen (kar files already include them)
  • Adding metadata
  • Finetuning in the editor
Tapping Notes

If you want to create your karaoke song from scratch (or your midi/kar file turns out to be messy), you can define note position and length by tapping.

Icon: Record

To tap notes:

  • Select one or more notes you want to tap.
  • Start recording (Ctrl-R): playback starts 2 seconds before the first selected note.
  • Press any key to start the first note, and hold the key.
  • Release the key to end the note.
  • Repeat this for all selected notes. Recording stops after all selected notes are tapped (or press ESC).

The tapped notes are shown during recording. You can reduce playback speed to 50%, 33%, or 25% during recording.

Creating Song Versions

Karaoke songs can have song versions:

  • Revised karaoke data or metadata
  • Player-specific notes or melodies (solos, duets, trios, canons…)
  • Alternative audio/video, e.g. karaoke intrumentals
  • Alternative languages

Yass recognizes a song version by square brackets […] appended to the title, like e.g. [UPDATE], [DUET], [P1], [P2].

The canon Brother Jacob (download song), for example has multiple language tracks, each with a different initial gap.

Unknown - Brother Jacob [ENGLISH].txt
Unknown - Brother Jacob [GERMAN].txt
Unknown - Brother Jacob [FRENCH].txt
Unknown - Brother Jacob [POLISH].txt

You can select multiple songs to compare and edit song versions.

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